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Managing System Services in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: Febuary 2019

How to Modify a ttymon Property Value

This procedure shows how to modify parameters passed to ttymon.

  1. Identify the service to modify.

    The ttymon(8) man page states that the service to modify is svc:/system/console-login. The ttymon(8) man page also contains descriptions of the properties in the ttymon property group.

    The following command shows multiple instances of the console-login service in this image and shows that the default instance is the only instance currently online:

    $ svcs console-login
    STATE          STIME    FMRI
    disabled       10:49:43 svc:/system/console-login:terma
    disabled       10:49:43 svc:/system/console-login:termb
    online         10:50:54 svc:/system/console-login:default
  2. Identify the property to modify.

    The following command shows the name, data type, value, and a brief description of each property in the ttymon property group in the default instance:

    $ svccfg -s console-login:default describe ttymon
    ttymon                application
    ttymon/device        astring     /dev/console
        The terminal device to be used for the console login prompt.
    ttymon/terminal_type astring
        Sets the initial value of the TERM environment variable

    The preceding output shows no value for the terminal_type property. The following command confirms that the value of the ttymon/terminal_type property of the console-login:default instance is currently null:

    $ svcprop -p ttymon/terminal_type console-login:default
  3. Modify the property value.

    Enter the following command to change the value of the ttymon/terminal_type property of the console-login:default instance to xterm:

    $ svccfg -s system/console-login:default setprop ttymon/terminal_type=xterm
  4. Commit the new value into the running snapshot.

    The following output shows that the value of the terminal_type property is changed in the editing configuration but not in the running snapshot:

    $ svccfg -s console-login:default listprop ttymon/terminal_type
    ttymon/terminal_type astring     xterm
    $ svcprop -p ttymon/terminal_type console-login:default

    After you refresh the service instance, the property value is changed in the running snapshot:

    $ svcadm refresh console-login:default
    $ svcprop -p ttymon/terminal_type console-login:default