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Managing System Services in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: Febuary 2019

How to Add a New Instance of a Service that is Controlled by inetd

  1. Determine the location of the manifest for the service.
    $ svcs -l FMRI
    manifest     /lib/svc/manifest/path/file.xml
  2. Edit the manifest file to add a new instance with appropriate property values.
    1. Copy and paste an existing instance element.
    2. Give the new instance element a unique instance name.
    3. Change the property values as necessary.
  3. Add the new instance to the profile file.

    Edit the file /etc/svc/profile/generic.xml to add a new instance element inside the service element for the appropriate service.

  4. Restart the manifest import service.
    $ svcadm restart manifest-import 
  5. Verify that the new instance has been added.

    Search for the FMRI in the output of the svcs -a or inetadm command.

  6. Verify the property values of the new instance.
    $ inetadm -l FMRI