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Managing System Services in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: Febuary 2019

How to Create a Profile by Using svcbundle

  1. Create the profile.

    The following command creates a new profile in example.com.xml:

    $ svcbundle -o example.com.xml -s service-name=enterprise/example.com \
    > -s bundle-type=profile -s instance-property=pg_name:prop_name:prop_type:value \
    > -s service-property=pg_name:prop_name:prop_type:value
  2. Make any changes that are necessary for the target systems.
  3. Copy the profile to the correct directory.

    The following command indicates that this profile is for all systems:

    $ cp example.com.xml /etc/svc/profile/enterprise/
  4. Restart the manifest import service to apply the profile to the system.
    $ svcadm restart manifest-import

    Check the manifest-import service log file for messages about property value conflicts or any other error messages.

    $ svcs -Lv manifest-import

    Use the svcs -x command to check that no services are in maintenance.