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Managing System Services in Oracle® Solaris 11.4

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Updated: February 2022
Chapter 4

Configuring Services

SMF stores configuration data in the service configuration repository. Configuring SMF services means modifying the data in the configuration repository and then committing the modifications into the running snapshot. This chapter describes how to modify the data in the configuration repository. For viewing data in the configuration repository, see Inspecting Service Configuration. For committing configuration modifications into the running snapshot, see Rereading Service Configuration.

Each service and service instance stores configuration data in properties, which are organized into property groups. Modifying the data in the configuration repository includes modifying service property values, creating custom property groups and properties, creating new instances of a service, and applying a profile. Modifying configuration also includes deleting customizations and reverting repository snapshots.

This chapter describes:

  • Adding and modifying property values

  • Adding and deleting properties and property groups

  • Adding service instances

  • Reverting snapshots

  • Importing and applying service manifests and profiles

  • Modifying services that are controlled by inetd

  • Modifying services that are configured by a file

SMF configuration changes can be logged by using the Oracle Solaris auditing framework. Refer to Configuring the Audit Service in Managing Auditing in Oracle Solaris 11.4 for more information.