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Customizing Automated Installations With Manifests and Profiles

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Updated: November 2020

Associating AI Manifests With Install Services

You associate an AI manifest with a service in one of two ways:

  • While creating a manifest.

    Each time you create a manifest, you must specify the install service for that manifest. Thus the command creates both the manifest and the association.

    For example:

    $ installadm create-manifest -n solaris11_4-sparc -m mem-manifest \
       [-c criteria]
  • While configuring an install service.

    This method sets an existing manifest to be the service's default manifest.

    $ installadm create-service | set-service -M mem-manifest -n install-sparc \
       [-c criteria]

To remove the association between a manifest and a service, you simply delete the manifest:

$ installadm delete-manifest -m mem-manifest -n install-sparc