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Customizing Automated Installations With Manifests and Profiles

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Updated: November 2020

How to Test the Script in an Install Environment

This procedure describes how to test the derived manifests script on one of the intended systems without running the full installation process.

Before You Begin

Make sure to set environment variables in the test environment with values that represent the systems that will be installed using the script. Use the sample file /usr/share/auto_install/derived_manifest_test_env.sh as a template. Change the values as applicable.

Ensure that your role has the appropriate rights profiles to perform this procedure. See Using Rights Profiles to Install Oracle Solaris.

  1. Boot an AI image on a system.

    The boot menu appears.

  2. From the boot menu, select Text Installer and command line, then select Shell.
  3. Copy your script from the AI server.

    Use wget or sftp to copy your script from the AI server.

  4. Debug the script.

    Use one of the following methods to debug the script:

    • Run the script manually.

      Type each individual aimanifest command statement one by one and see the results.

    • Run AI in a test mode.

      Use the following command to run AI in a test mode:

      $ auto-install -m script -i
  5. Inspect the AI log file /system/volatile/install_log.

    The following line indicates that the script validates correctly:

    Derived Manifest Module: XML validation completed successfully
  6. If you made corrections to the script, copy the script back to the AI server.