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Customizing Automated Installations With Manifests and Profiles

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Updated: November 2020

Other System Configuration Profile Tasks

This section describes other procedures to maintain system configuration profiles.

Updating a System Configuration Profile

The installadm update-profile command replaces service's profile with the contents of another file. The update does not change any defined criteria in the first profile.

To ensure that the correct profile is updated, you should specify the profile instance name. Otherwise, the profile instance name is extracted from the base name of the actual file.

The following command updates the content of the sparc-ent profile in the solaris11_4-sparc service with the content of ./myprofiles/profile-new-sparc-ent.xml.

$ installadm update-profile -n solaris11_4-sparc \
-f ./myprofiles/profile-new-sparc-ent.xml -p sparc-ent

Validating a System Configuration Profile

The installadm validate –p command validates system configuration profiles of an install service for syntactic correctness to ensure they have not been corrupted. The command ensures that the profile configurations can be implemented. Use the installadm list command to display a list of existing profiles.

To be properly validated, associate profiles with a specific install service. Validated profiles are displayed as stdout output. Errors are listed as stderr output.