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Customizing Automated Installations With Manifests and Profiles

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Updated: November 2020

System Configuration Profiles

The first part of this appendix lists the different screens of the System Configuration Interactive tool. The second part shows the contents of the system configuration files that are provided by Oracle Solaris.

Screens of the System Configuration Interactive Tool

This section describes the different screens of the SCI tool to create a system configuration profile with the following command:

$ sysconfig create-profile -o directory
  • System Identity – Prompts you for the system name.

  • Network Configuration – Prompts for the type of network configuration if a network interface is detected.

    If you configure the network, you are further prompted whether you use DHCP or a static address. Further prompts appear depending on your selection.

  • Time Zone: Regions – Prompts for the region to apply to the system.

  • Time Zone: Locations – Prompts for the location in the selected region to apply to the system.

  • Time Zone – Prompts for the time zone of the selected location to apply to the system.

  • Locale: Language – Prompts for the language to use. The default is English.

  • Locale: Territory – Prompts for the territory of the selected language.

  • Keyboard – Prompts for the keyboard language to use.

  • Users – Prompts for user account information.

    The first field prompts for the root password which is required. The fields for the user account information are optional.

  • System Configuration Summary – Displays the settings you specified in previous screens.

When you apply the settings, these are saved in sc_profile.xml in the directory you specified with the –o option.