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Customizing Automated Installations With Manifests and Profiles

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Updated: November 2020

How to Install the First-Boot Script IPS Package

Before You Begin

Ensure that your role has the appropriate rights profiles to perform this procedure. See Using Rights Profiles to Install Oracle Solaris.

  1. Add the package to the AI manifest.

    Add the package to the software installation section of the AI manifest. Either customize an AI manifest XML file or write a derived manifests script to add these elements. See Working With AI Manifests for information about customizing an AI manifest.

    Use the installadm export command to retrieve the content of one or more existing AI manifests. The following example shows the XML elements you need to add.

    <software type="IPS">
        <publisher name="solaris">
          <origin name="http://pkg.oracle.com/solaris/release"/>
        <publisher name="firstboot">
          <origin name="file:///net/host1/export/firstbootrepo"/>
      <software_data action="install">

    Make sure the origin is a URI the AI clients can access during AI installation. Use zfs set sharenfs to export the repository so that AI clients can access the local repository.

  2. Update the modified AI manifest in the AI install service.

    Use the installadm update-manifest command to replace the AI manifest content with the content that includes the first-boot script package. Any criteria or default status remain with the manifest or script following the update.

  3. Network boot the AI client.

    Network boot the AI client to use AI to install the Oracle Solaris OS and your custom first-boot-script package. When the AI client is booted after installation, the service executes the first-boot script.