Oracle® Solaris Cluster Software Installation Guide

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Updated: September 2014, E39580-02

Finding Oracle Solaris Cluster Installation Tasks

The following table shows where to find instructions for various installation tasks for Oracle Solaris Cluster software installation and the order in which you should perform the tasks.

Table 1-1  Oracle Solaris Cluster Software Installation Task Information
Set up cluster hardware.
Documentation that shipped with your server and storage devices
Plan global-cluster software installation.
Install software packages. Optionally, install and configure Sun QFS software.
Sun QFS documentation
Establish a new global cluster or a new global-cluster node.
Configure Solaris Volume Manager software.
Configure cluster file systems, if used.
(Optional) Create zone clusters.
Plan, install, and configure resource groups and data services. Create highly available local file systems, if used.
Develop custom data services.