Oracle® Solaris Cluster Software Installation Guide

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Updated: September 2014, E39580-02

Mount Information for Cluster File Systems

Consider the following points when you plan mount points for cluster file systems:

  • Mount-point location – Create mount points for cluster file systems in the /global directory unless you are prohibited by other software products. By using the /global directory, you can more easily distinguish cluster file systems, which are globally available, from local file systems.

  • Nesting mount points – Normally, you should not nest the mount points for cluster file systems. For example, do not set up one file system that is mounted on /global/a and another file system that is mounted on /global/a/b. Ignoring this rule can cause availability and node boot-order problems. These problems would occur if the parent mount point is not present when the system attempts to mount a child of that file system.

    The only exception to this rule is for cluster file systems on UFS. You can nest the mount points if the devices for the two file systems have the same physical host connectivity, for example, different slices on the same disk.

    Note -  This restriction still applies to Sun QFS shared file systems even if the two file system devices have the same physical host connectivity.
  • forcedirectio – Oracle Solaris Cluster software does not support the execution of binaries off cluster file systems that are mounted by using the forcedirectio mount option.