Oracle® Solaris Cluster Software Installation Guide

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Updated: September 2014, E39580-02

How to Install the Availability Suite Feature of the Oracle Solaris Software

  1. Assume the root role.
  2. Ensure that the solaris publishers is valid.
    # pkg publisher
    PUBLISHER                           TYPE     STATUS   URI
    solaris                             origin   online   solaris-repository

    For information about setting the solaris publisher, see Copying and Creating Package Repositories in Oracle Solaris 11.2 .

  3. Install the IPS package for the Availability Suite feature of the Oracle Solaris software.
    # /usr/bin/pkg install storage/avs
  4. Configure the Availability Suite feature.

    For details, see Initial Configuration Settings in Sun StorageTek Availability Suite 4.0 Software Installation and Configuration Guide.

  5. Verify that the packages installed successfully.
    # pkg info group/features/storage-avs \
       storage/avs/avs-cache-management \
       storage/avs/avs-point-in-time-copy \
       storage/avs/avs-remote-mirror \

Next Steps

If you want to install the Sun QFS file system software, follow the procedures for initial installation. See How to Install Sun QFS Software.

Otherwise, to set up the root user environment, go to How to Set Up the Root Environment.