Oracle® Solaris Cluster Software Installation Guide

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Updated: September 2014, E39580-02

How to Create an Oracle Grid Infrastructure Resource for Interoperation With Oracle Solaris Cluster

Use this procedure to create an Oracle Grid Infrastructure resource. This resource coordinates operations that are managed by Oracle Clusterware with operations that are managed by Oracle Solaris Cluster.

Before You Begin

Ensure that you have registered and configured the Oracle ASM resource groups. See How to Register and Configure the Oracle ASM Resource Group.

  1. Assume the root role or become an administrator that provides solaris.cluster.admin and solaris.cluster.modify authorizations.
  2. If the file system will be used by a zone cluster, from the global zone of one node, create an Oracle Clusterware proxy resource.
    1. Create the resource.
      # /Grid_home/bin/crsctl add type sun.zcboot_proxy.type -basetype local_resource
      # /Grid_home/bin/crsctl add res sun.wait-zc-rs \
      -type sun.zcboot_proxy.type \
      -attr "ACTION_SCRIPT='/opt/SUNWscor/dsconfig/bin/scproxy_crs_action' \
      ACL='owner:root:rwx,pgrp:oinstall:rwx,other::r--' \
      SCRIPT_TIMEOUT='20' \
    2. Verify the resource.
      # /Grid_home/bin/crsctl stat res sun.wait-zc-rs -p
    3. Bring the resource online.
      # /Grid_home/bin/crsctl start res sun.wait-zc-rs
  3. Create the Oracle Grid Infrastructure sun.storage_proxy.type resource type.

    Perform this step where you created the sun.storage_proxy.type resource type.

    # /Grid_home/bin/crsctl \
    add type sun.storage_proxy.type \
    -basetype local_resource \
    -attr \
    "ATTRIBUTE=ACL,TYPE=string", \
  4. Create the Oracle Grid Infrastructure sun.resource resource of type sun.storage_proxy.type.

    Perform this step where you created the sun.storage_proxy.type resource type.

    The Oracle Grid Infrastructure resource name uses the form sun.resource, where resource is the name of the SUNW.ScalDeviceGroup, SUNW.ScalMountPoint or SUNW.scalable_acfs_proxy resource.

    # /Grid_home/bin/crsctl add resource sun.resource \
    -type sun.storage_proxy.type \
    -attr "ACTION_SCRIPT='/opt/SUNWscor/dsconfig/bin/scproxy_crs_action' \
    CARDINALITY='number-nodes' \
    SCRIPT_TIMEOUT='timeout' \
    PLACEMENT='restricted' \
    RESTART_ATTEMPTS='restarts' \
    HOSTING_MEMBERS='nodelist' \
    VERSION='1' "

    The number of nodes in the cluster membership


    The list of nodes in the cluster membership

  5. Bring online the Oracle Grid Infrastructure storage_proxy resource.
    # /Grid_home/bin/crsctl start resource sun.resource
  6. Create the Oracle Grid Infrastructure stop trigger for the Oracle Solaris Cluster ACFS proxy resource.

    Perform this step from one node of the global cluster.

    1. Create the stop trigger resource.
      # /Grid_home/bin/crsctl add type sun.stoptrigger.type -basetype cluster_resource
      # /Grid_home/bin/crsctl add res sun.acfs-rs -type sun.stoptrigger.type \
      -attr "action_script='/opt/SUNWscor/dsconfig/bin/crs_stoptrigger_action' \
      HOSTING_MEMBERS='node1 node2[…]' \
      CARDINALITY='number-nodes' \
      placement='restricted' \
      ACL='owner:root:rwx,pgrp:oinstall:rwx,other::r--' \
      SCRIPT_TIMEOUT='20' \
      START_DEPENDENCIES='hard(ora.appdg.ASMvolume.acfs) pullup:always(ora.appdg.ASMvolume.acfs)' \
      STOP_DEPENDENCIES='hard(ora.appdg.ASMvolume.acfs)' "
    2. Verify the stop trigger resource.
      # /Grid_home/bin/crsctl stat res sun.acfs-rs -p
    3. Start the stop trigger resource.
      # /Grid_home/bin/crsctl start res sun.acfs-rs
    4. Verify that the resource is online on all nodes.
      # /Grid_home/bin/crsctl stat res sun.acfs-rs