Oracle® Solaris Cluster Software Installation Guide

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Updated: September 2014, E39580-02

How to Change Private Hostnames

Perform this task if you do not want to use the default private hostnames, clusternodenodeID-priv, that are assigned during Oracle Solaris Cluster software installation.

Note -  Do not perform this procedure after applications and data services have been configured and have been started. Otherwise, an application or data service might continue to use the old private hostname after the hostname is renamed, which would cause hostname conflicts. If any applications or data services are running, stop them before you perform this procedure.

Perform this procedure on one active node of the cluster.

  1. Assume the root role on a global-cluster node.
  2. Start the clsetup utility.
    phys-schost# clsetup

    The clsetup Main Menu is displayed.

  3. Type the option number for Private Hostnames and press the Return key.

    The Private Hostname Menu is displayed.

  4. Type the option number for Change a Node Private Hostname and press the Return key.
  5. Follow the prompts to change the private hostname.

    Repeat for each private hostname to change.

  6. Verify the new private hostnames.
    phys-schost# clnode show -t node | grep privatehostname
    privatehostname:                                clusternode1-priv
    privatehostname:                                clusternode2-priv
    privatehostname:                                clusternode3-priv

Next Steps

Update the NTP configuration with the changed private hostnames. Go to How to Update NTP After Changing a Private Hostname.