Oracle® Solaris Cluster Software Installation Guide

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Updated: September 2014, E39580-02

Quorum Server Configuration

You can use Oracle Solaris Cluster Quorum Server software to configure a machine as a quorum server and then configure the quorum server as your cluster's quorum device. You can use a quorum server instead of or in addition to shared disks and NAS filers.

Consider the following points when you plan the use of a quorum server in an Oracle Solaris Cluster configuration.

  • Network connection – The quorum-server computer must connect to your cluster through the public network on the same subnet that is used by the cluster nodes it serves. Otherwise, the quorum server might be unavailable to the cluster during a node reboot and prevent the cluster from forming.

  • Supported hardware – The supported hardware platforms for a quorum server are the same as for a global-cluster node.

  • Operating system – Oracle Solaris software requirements for Oracle Solaris Cluster software apply as well to Quorum Server software.

  • Restriction for non-global zones – In the Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.2 release, a quorum server cannot be installed and configured in a non-global zone.

  • Service to multiple clusters – You can configure a quorum server as a quorum device to more than one cluster.

  • Mixed hardware and software – You do not have to configure a quorum server on the same hardware and software platform as the cluster or clusters for which it provides quorum. For example, a SPARC based machine that runs the Oracle Solaris 10 OS can be configured as a quorum server for an x86 based cluster that runs the Oracle Solaris 11 OS.

  • Spanning tree algorithm – You must disable the spanning tree algorithm on the Ethernet switches for the ports that are connected to the cluster public network where the quorum server will run.

  • Using a cluster node as a quorum server – You can configure a quorum server on a cluster node to provide quorum for clusters other than the cluster that the node belongs to. However, a quorum server that is configured on a cluster node is not highly available.