Oracle® Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition System Administration Guide

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Updated: July 2014, E39667-01

Managing Device Groups

A device group is a hardware resource that is managed by the Oracle Solaris Cluster software. A device group is a type of global device that is used by the Oracle Solaris Cluster software to register device resources, such as disks. A device group can include the device resources of disks and Solaris Volume Manager disk sets.

For information about configuring device groups in Oracle Solaris Cluster software, refer to Chapter 5, Administering Global Devices, Disk-Path Monitoring, and Cluster File Systems, in Oracle Solaris Cluster System Administration Guide .

The Geographic Edition software configures Oracle Solaris Cluster device groups to include replication.

For more information about configuring data replication in Geographic Edition software, see the Geographic Edition documentation for the data replication product you use.