Oracle® Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition System Administration Guide

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Updated: July 2014, E39667-01

Configuring Logical Hostnames

The logical hostname is a special high-availability (HA) resource. The geoadm start command configures the logical hostname that corresponds to the cluster name. The IP address and host maps for the logical hostname must be set up before you run this command. Before assigning hostnames, familiarize yourself with the legal names and values that are described in Appendix B, Legal Names and Values of Geographic Edition Entities.

For more information about using the geoadm start command, see Enabling the Geographic Edition Software.

Note -  If you are using Availability Suite for data replication, a logical hostname is created for each device group to be replicated. For more information, see Chapter 1, Replicating Data With the Availability Suite Feature of Oracle Solaris, in Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition Data Replication Guide for Oracle Solaris Availability Suite .

The following table lists the Oracle Solaris Cluster and Geographic Edition components that require IP addresses. Add these IP addresses to the following locations:

  • All naming services that are being used

  • The local /etc/inet/hosts file on each cluster node, after you install the Oracle Solaris OS software

Table 2-1  IP Addresses Required by Geographic Edition Software
Number of IP Addresses Needed
Oracle Solaris Cluster administrative console
1 per subnet
IP Network Multipathing groups
  • Single-adapter groups – 1 primary IP address.

  • Multiple-adapter groups – 1 primary IP address plus 1 test IP address for each adapter in the group.

Cluster nodes
1 per node, per subnet
Domain console network interface
1 per domain
Console-access device
Logical addresses
1 per logical host resource, per subnet
Geographic Edition infrastructure hostname
1 logical IP address per cluster infrastructure. For example, if you have two clusters in your Geographic Edition infrastructure, you need two IP addresses.
Replication with Availability Suite from Oracle
1 dedicated logical IP address on the local cluster for each device group to be replicated. For example, if you have two clusters in your Geographic Edition infrastructure, you need two IP addresses.

For more information about configuring the IP address and host maps during the installation of Oracle Solaris Cluster software, refer to Chapter 2, Installing Software on Global-Cluster Nodes, in Oracle Solaris Cluster Software Installation Guide .