Oracle® Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition System Administration Guide

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Updated: July 2014, E39667-01

Configuring the Heartbeat-Loss Notification Properties

You can configure heartbeat-loss notification by using two partnership properties, Notification_emailaddrs and Notification_actioncmd. You specify these properties by using the geops command.

You can specify these properties on the default heartbeat during partnership creation. For more information, see How to Create a Partnership in Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition Installation and Configuration Guide . You can also modify these properties by using the procedure that is described in How to Modify the Heartbeat Properties.

If you want to be notified of heartbeat loss by email, set the Notification_emailaddrs property. You can specify a list of email addresses, separated by commas. If you want to use email notification, the cluster nodes must be configured as email clients. For more information about configuring mail services, see Chapter 2, Administering Mail Services, in Managing sendmail Services in Oracle Solaris 11.2 .

If you want to run a command in response to heartbeat loss, set the Notification_actioncmd property.

Example 6-10  Configuring Heartbeat-Loss Notification for an Existing Partnership

This example specifies a notification email address and a custom notification script for the partnership, paris-newyork-ps.

phys-paris-1# geops set-prop \
-p, \
-p Notification_actioncmd=/opt/ paris-newyork-ps