Oracle® Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition System Administration Guide

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Updated: July 2014, E39667-01

How to Resynchronize a Partnership

Perform this procedure to resynchronize partnership configuration information.

Note -  You can also accomplish this procedure by using the Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager GUI. Click Partnerships, then highlight the partnership name and click Update Partnership. For more information about Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager, see Chapter 13, Using the Oracle Solaris Cluster GUI, in Oracle Solaris Cluster System Administration Guide .

Before You Begin

Ensure that the following conditions are met:

  • The local cluster is Geographic Edition enabled.

  • The local cluster was an active member of the partnership before failing.


Caution  -  Resynchronizing a partnership overwrites the partnership configuration on the cluster where the command is run with the information from the partner cluster.

  1. Log in to a node on the cluster that needs to be synchronized with the information retrieved from the partner cluster.

    You must be assigned the Geo Management RBAC rights profile to complete this procedure. For more information about RBAC, see Securing Geographic Edition Software in Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition Installation and Configuration Guide .

  2. Resynchronize the partnership.
    # geops update partnership-name

    Specifies the name of the partnership

Example 5-5  Resynchronizing a Partnership

This example resynchronizes a partnership.

# geops update paris-newyork-ps