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Oracle® Exadata Storage Server X5-2 High Capacity Service Manual

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Updated: January 2018

Remove a PCIe Card

  1. Prepare the server for service.
    1. Power off the server and disconnect the power cords from the power supplies.

      See Powering Down the Server.

    2. Extend the server to the maintenance position.

      See Extend the Server to the Maintenance Position.

    3. Attach an antistatic wrist strap.

      See Electrostatic Discharge Safety.

    4. Remove the server top cover.

      See Remove the Server Top Cover.

    5. Swivel the air baffle into the upright position to allow access to PCIe cards.
  2. Locate the PCIe card that you want to remove.

    See PCIe Slot Locations.

  3. If necessary, make a note of where the PCIe cards are installed.
  4. Unplug all data cables from the PCIe card [1].
  5. Rotate the PCIe card locking mechanism [1], and then lift up on the PCIe card to disengage it from the motherboard connectors [2].
    image:Figure showing a PCIe card being removed from the server.
  6. Place the PCIe card on an antistatic mat.

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