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Strategies for Network Administration in Oracle® Solaris 11.3

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Updated: December 2017

Highlights of Network Administration in Oracle Solaris

Users rely on various networking technologies to communicate, share, store, and process information. One of the primary goals of network administration is to establish and maintain reliable, secure, and efficient data communications on systems that are running the Oracle Solaris release. See Basic Network Configuration in Oracle Solaris.

    Beyond the basic configuration that is required to connect systems to the network, Oracle Solaris also supports several advanced networking technologies, including features that provide support for following functional areas:

  • High availability

  • Network security

  • Network storage

  • Network virtualization

  • Observability, monitoring, and debugging

  • Performance and efficiency

  • Resource management

Most of these features are designed to address the complexities of modernized network environments by enabling you to use a more modular and layered approach to administering the various aspects of network configuration. For more information, see Key Oracle Solaris Network Administration Features and Network Administration by Functional Area.

Note -  For a description of the example IP addresses used in this guide, see the IP address entry in Glossary of Networking Terms.

Basic Network Configuration in Oracle Solaris

Basic network configuration of a system evolves in two stages: assembling the hardware and then configuring the daemons, files, and services that implement the network protocol stack. For more information about how the various networking components are configured within the network protocol stack, see Network Administration Within the Oracle Solaris Network Protocol Stack.

For an example of the information that is described in this section, see Basic Network Configuration Scenario.

Before beginning the task of configuring a client system on the network, see Information That Is Required to Configure Client Systems on the Network in Configuring and Managing Network Components in Oracle Solaris 11.3.

Key Oracle Solaris Network Administration Features