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Transitioning From Oracle® Solaris 10 to Oracle Solaris 11.3

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Updated: December 2018

Oracle Solaris 10 and Oracle Solaris 11 Feature Comparison

The following table compares Oracle Solaris 10 features to Oracle Solaris 11 features.

Note -  Features are listed in alphabetical order.
Table 1  Oracle Solaris 10 Features Compared to Oracle Solaris 11 Features
Feature or Command
Oracle Solaris 10
Oracle Solaris 11
x86: boot loader (GRUB)
GRUB Legacy (0.97)
boot loader (administration)
SPARC: installboot
x86: installgrub
bootadm install-bootloader (SPARC and x86)
Booting (from a root device)
From a ZFS, UFS, or Solaris Volume Manager root device
From a ZFS root file system
Booting (from the network)
SPARC: From the OpenBoot PROM (OBP) ok prompt: boot net[:dhcp] or boot net[:rarp]
x86: Requires a DHCP server that supports a Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) boot from the network
SPARC: boot net:dhcp
x86: PXE boot process has changed for UEFI firmware only
Booting (recovery)
SPARC: From the OBP ok prompt: boot -F failsafe
x86: Select the failsafe boot entry in the GRUB menu at boot time
Failsafe mode no longer supported on x86 and SPARC platforms.
Oracle Solaris Unified Archives
Crash dump directory location
Database management system (MySQL)
Release series 5.1
Release series 5.1 and release series 5.5
Desktop environment
Common Desktop Environment (CDE) (default) and GNOME 2.6 (optional)
Oracle Solaris Desktop (GNOME 2.30)
Disk labeling
UFS root disk is SMI (VTOC); UFS non-root disk is SMI or EFI
ZFS root disk is SMI (VTOC); ZFS non-root disk is SMI or EFI (recommended)
x86 and SPARC with GPT-aware firmware: ZFS root disk is EFI (GPT).
SPARC: ZFS root disk is SMI (VTOC)
SPARC and x86: ZFS non-root disk is SMI or EFI (recommended).
Ensuring system is configured securely
Solaris Security Toolkit (SST)
netservices limited
sysconfig profiles
Secure by Default (SBD)
compliance command
File systems (default)
ZFS, UFS, or Solaris Volume Manager root file systems
ZFS root file system (default)
x86: Firmware support
GRUB configuration file (default)
GRUB configuration file (custom)
GRUB password protection
Not available
Available (starting with Oracle Solaris 11.3), there is a password protection option for GRUB 2 menu loading, menu entry modification, and menu entry booting.
Installation (graphical user interface (GUI))
GUI installation program on DVD or CD
Live Media (x86 only)
Installation (interactive text)
Interactive text installation and interactive text installer for ZFS root pools
Text installer (stand-alone and network installation)
Installation (automated)
JumpStart feature of Oracle Solaris 10
Automated Installer (AI) feature of Oracle Solaris 11
Oracle VM Manager Ops Center
Installation (automated client configuration)
JumpStart profile files
AI manifests
Installation (other)
Oracle Solaris Flash Archive installation
Oracle Solaris Unified Archives
Internationalization and localization configuration
Java version (default)
Java 6
Java 8
Network administration (fixed mode)
Edit /etc/hostname.*
ndd for configuring protocols (tunables)
dladm for datalinks, ipadm for IP configuration
Network administration (reactive mode)
Not applicable
netcfg and netadm
Network administration (DHCP)
Sun DHCP and other name services configuration
ISC DHCP and legacy Sun DHCP
Network administration (IP network multipathing (IPMP))
ifconfig, plumb, and umplumb
dladm, ipadm
Network administration (TCP/IP properties or tunables)
dladm and ipadm
Network administration (wireless)
Fixed mode: dladm and ipadm
Reactive mode: netcfg, and netadm
From the desktop: Network administration GUI
Packaging (software management)
SVR4 package and patch commands
IPS pkg(1) commands and utilities
Print service (default)
LP print service, lp print commands, Solaris Print Manager GUI
Security management
root as a system account
root as a role
Sun Oracle server management
SPARC and x86: Oracle Hardware Management Pack: a set of commands and agents for managing Sun Oracle servers (packages available as a separate download)
Oracle Hardware Management Pack: a set of commands and agents for managing Sun Oracle servers (packages are included, starting with Oracle Solaris 11.2)
System clustering
Oracle Solaris Cluster 3.3
Oracle Solaris Cluster 4
System configuration and reconfiguration
sysidtool, sys-unconfig, sysidconfig, and sysidcfg
sysconfig, SCI tool, SC profiles
System configuration (Oracle Solaris kernel configuration)
Add to /etc/system
Add to /etc/system and files within /etc/system.d
System configuration (naming services)
Configured in various files within /etc and /var
Managed by Service Management Facility (SMF) commands
System configuration (setting host name)
Edit /etc/nodename
hostname command
System management (centralized)
All versions of Ops Center support Oracle Solaris 10
System recovery and cloning (automated)
Oracle Solaris Flash Archive feature
Oracle Solaris Unified Archives
System registration and service request support
Auto Registration feature
Oracle Configuration Manager (starting with Oracle Solaris 10 1/13)
Oracle Configuration Manager and the Oracle Auto Service Request utility
System upgrade and BE management
lu and SVR4 package commands
pkg commands
beadm for managing boot environments
User account management
useradd, usermod, userdel, groupadd, groupmod, groupdel, roleadd, rolemod, and roledel
Solaris Management Console GUI and equivalent command-line
useradd, usermod, userdel, groupadd, groupmod, groupdel, roleadd, rolemod, and roledel
User Manager GUI
User environment management
Korn shell (ksh)
MANPATH variable required
Default shell: ksh93
Default ksh path: /usr/bin/ksh; /bin/sh is also ksh93
Default interactive shell: bash; default bash path: /usr/bin/bash
MANPATH variable no longer required
ZFS root pool disk (SPARC and x86)
Root pool disk requires SMI (VTOC) disk label and a slice 0
Zones environment
Oracle Solaris 10 branded zones, legacy branded zones
Supported Oracle Solaris 10 and Oracle Solaris 11 zones features and Oracle Solaris Kernel Zones (solaris-kz branded zones), starting with Oracle Solaris 11.2