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Transitioning From Oracle® Solaris 10 to Oracle Solaris 11.3

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Updated: December 2018

How to Set Up Your Printing Environment After an Installation

Use the following procedure to set up your printing environment to work with CUPS after a fresh installation.

  1. Verify that the cups/scheduler and the cups/in-lpd SMF services are online.
    # svcs -a | grep cups/scheduler
    # svcs -a | grep cups/in-lpd
  2. If these services are not online, enable them.
    # svcadm enable cups/scheduler
    # svcadm enable cups/in-lpd
  3. Check that the printer/cups/system-config-printer package is installed.
    # pkg info print/cups/system-config-printer
    • If the package is already installed, you are ready to configure printers by using CUPS.
    • If the package is not installed, install the package:
      # pkg install print/cups/system-config-printer

Next Steps

For instructions, see Setting Up and Administering Printers by Using CUPS Command-Line Utilities in Configuring and Managing Printing in Oracle Solaris 11.3.