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Transitioning From Oracle® Solaris 10 to Oracle Solaris 11.3

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Updated: December 2018

Welcome to Oracle Solaris 11.3

Oracle Solaris 11 is an enterprise-level operating system (OS), as well as a complete cloud platform. The latest release, Oracle Solaris 11.3, is an integral part of Oracle's combined hardware and software portfolio. If you are moving from Oracle Solaris 10 to an Oracle Solaris 11 release, you might have some questions. The purpose of this guide is to provide answers to some of those questions.

Note -  This book contains cumulative information for anyone who is transitioning from Oracle Solaris 10 to an Oracle Solaris 11 release. For specific information about which features are supported in a particular Oracle Solaris 11 release, see the product documentation.

Most Oracle Solaris 10 applications are known to work on Oracle Solaris 11. You can run supported applications as is. To determine the readiness of Oracle Solaris 10 applications to run on Oracle Solaris 11, use the Oracle Solaris 11 compatibility checking tool at https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/solaris11/downloads/preflight-checker-tool-524493.html.

Alternatively, you can run applications that rely on features that are excluded from Oracle Solaris 11 in an Oracle Solaris 10 virtual environment. See Managing Virtualization Features.

See also https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/articles/systems-hardware-architecture/o10-015-s11-isv-adoption-198348.pdf.

This guide does not provide information about every new Oracle Solaris 11 feature, nor does it mention every feature that is excluded from Oracle Solaris 11.