Accounts Receivable Report Group

Note: The Accounts Receivable Report Group or any Accounts Receivable report is only available when the Cashiering>Accounts Receivables application function is set to Y.

Aging by Type Only - The AR Aging by Account Type Report displays all AR accounts with an outstanding balance, for the selected Account Type.

Aging Summary by Type - The Aging Summary by Type report displays the current outstanding balance of each Account Type, as of the business date selected.

Aging Summary of All Accounts - The Aging Summary of All Accounts report displays all AR Accounts that have an outstanding balance, or activity on the Account.

AR Activity - All Types - The Accounts Receivable Activities Report displays a log of all postings and payments made on an AR Account for a particular date.

AR Adjustment- The AR Posting Adjustments Report displays adjustments that have been made to a posting from a previous business date (that is, posted and audited). Adjustments involve reversal of the original transaction (or group of transactions) and re-posting of the correct transaction(s). Adjustments may be made to a single transaction or to multiple related transactions.

AR Aging Summary for All Types - The AR Aging Summary for all Types, will display to the user All Account Types and the corresponding Accounts that fall under each Account Type.

AR Collection Statistics - The AR Collection Statistics report will display those Accounts with Invoices paid in full, or the balance is equal to 0.00.  The report calculates how many days it took to bring any Invoice balances to 0.00 from the date the record was transferred to Accounts Receivable.

AR Credit Balance - The AR Credit Balance displays to the user all accounts that have or had a credit balance on a selected business date. A credit balance is defined as the respective account having a credit on their account, rather than owing monies to the property (or a debit).

AR Credit Card Transfer - The AR Credit Card Transfer Report, or Settlements to City Ledger, displays all transactions transferred from Front Office to Accounts Receivable to completely settle a guest folio.

AR Credit Limit - The AR Credit Limit Report displays a summarized alphabetic listing of all accounts with their balances for the current Business Date.

AR Ledger - The AR Ledger Report displays all transactions that have been posted directly on an AR account or transferred to an Accounts Receivable account for a selected business date. Print this report to verify that all transactions balance back to the AR Ledger portion of the Trial Balance.

AR Master List Summary - The AR Master List - Summary will display a list of all configured AR Accounts with basic Account information. This will include, the Account Number, Account Name, Address, Contact information and the Phone/Fax numbers configured in the AR Setup.

AR Master List Detail - The AR Master List - Detailed will display a list of all configured AR Accounts and a more detailed breakdown of the Account Setup. The information includes Account Status, Permanent Account YN, Credit Limit, Batch Statement YN, as well as the basic account information of Account Number and Name, Address, Contact, and Phone Number.

AR Old Balance Detailed - The AR Old Balances Detailed report prints from the AR>Utilities>Enter Old Balances screen. This report displays the Date, Time, Posted Date (insert date), Posted time (insert time), Name, Invoice No., Debit, Credit, Total Tax (new functionality existing as of v 2.00) and represents the total of all taxes entered as the tax is inclusive, Market Code, Source Code, User ID, and Cashier No.

AR Payments/City Ledger Settlements Summary - The AR Payments Report displays all payments posted to an AR account for a specific date.

AR Trace - The AR Traces Report displays messages that notify the Accounting department staff of actions they are expected to take.

AR Transfer - The AR Transfer Report, or Settlements to City Ledger, displays all transactions transferred from Front Office to Accounts Receivable to completely settle a guest folio. Details of the folio are completely reclassified as part of the Accounts Receivable ledger.

Days Credit Sales Outstanding - The Days Credit Sales Outstanding report calculates the total AR outstanding (non-credit card) for the current business date. The report then subtracts daily balances from the outstanding until it reaches 0. The number of days it takes to reach 0 is displayed at the bottom of the report and represents the total Days Sales Outstanding.

Detailed Aging - The AR Detailed Aging report displays all account invoice details per AR Account. This report lists each Invoice, transaction or folio that contributes to the current balance of each individual AR account. The information displays the invoice balance for each line item in the appropriate aging level.