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Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.3 Geographic Edition System Administration Guide

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Updated: June 2017

How to Disable the Geographic Edition Framework

Note -  Disabling the Geographic Edition framework removes only the infrastructure resource groups. Resource groups that have been created to support data replication are not removed unless you remove the protection group that the resource groups are supporting by using the geopg delete command.

Before You Begin

Ensure that all protection groups on the local cluster are offline. For more information, see the following procedures:

  1. Log in to a cluster node.
  2. Confirm that all of the protection groups are offline on the local cluster.
    phys-paris-1# geoadm status

    For more information about the geoadm status command and its output, see Monitoring the Runtime Status of the Geographic Edition Framework.

  3. Disable the Geographic Edition framework.
    phys-paris-1# geoadm stop

    This command removes the infrastructure resource groups that were created when you enabled the Geographic Edition infrastructure.

    For more information about this command, see the geoadm(1M) man page.

  4. Verify that the Geographic Edition framework was disabled and that the Geographic Edition resource groups are no longer displayed.
    phys-paris-1# geoadm show
    phys-paris-1# clresource-group status

    For more information, see the clresourcegroup(1CL) man page.

Example 2  Disabling a Cluster

This example disables the cluster-paris cluster.

  1. Confirm that all protection groups are offline.

    phys-paris-1# geoadm status
    Cluster: cluster-paris
    Partnership "paris-newyork-ps" :OK
       Partner clusters   :cluster-newyork
       Synchronization    :OK
       ICRM Connection    :OK
       Heartbeat "paris-to-newyork" monitoring "cluster-newyork":OK
          Heartbeat plug-in "ping_plugin"   :Inactive
          Heartbeat plug-in "tcp_udp_plugin":OK
    Protection group "tcpg"      :OK
        Partnership              :paris-newyork-ps
        Synchronization          :OK
       Cluster cluster-paris    :OK
           Role                 :Primary
           PG activation state  :Deactivated
           Configuration        :OK
           Data replication     :OK
           Resource groups      :OK
       Cluster cluster-newyork  :OK
           Role                 :Secondary
           PG activation state  :Deactivated
           Configuration        :OK
           Data replication     :OK
           Resource groups      :OK
  2. Disable the Geographic Edition infrastructure.

    phys-paris-1# geoadm stop
    ... verifying pre conditions and performing pre remove operations ... done
    ...removing product infrastructure ... please wait ...
  3. Confirm that the Geographic Edition infrastructure was successfully disabled.

    phys-paris-1# geoadm show
    Oracle Solaris Cluster Geographic Edition is not active on cluster-paris
    Node phys-paris-1 does not host active product module.
    Command execution successful
  4. Verify that Geographic Edition resource groups and resources have been removed.

    phys-paris-1# clresource-group status