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Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.3 Geographic Edition System Administration Guide

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Updated: June 2017

Troubleshooting the Geographic Edition Framework

This appendix describes procedures for troubleshooting your application of the Geographic Edition framework.

This appendix contains the following sections:

Troubleshooting Monitoring and Logging

This section provides the following information about setting up logging and about problems that you might encounter with monitoring the Geographic Edition framework:

For information about logging, see Viewing the Geographic Edition Log Messages.

Configuring the Logger File to Avoid Too Many Traces

Configure the logger file, /etc/cacao/instances/default/private/logger.properties, as follows depending on the cmass messages you want logged:

  • To select only WARNING and SEVERE messages, the first line of the file should read as follows:

  • To enable all geocontrol messages, the second line of the file should read as follows:


The enabled traces are copied to the /var/cacao/instances/default/logs/cacao.0 file.

Configuring the Logger File to Avoid Detailed Messages From the gcr Agent

If you want to avoid too detailed messages in your log file from the gcr agent, use entries similar to the following in your /etc/cacao/instances/default/private/logger.properties logger file:


This property file is updated each time you reinstall the SUNWscmasa package.

Configuring the Logger File to Avoid jmx Remote Traces

To avoid jmx remote traces add the following lines to the beginning of your logger.properties file: