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Oracle® Solaris Cluster 4.3 Geographic Edition System Administration Guide

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Updated: June 2017

How to Add a Cluster to a Site

Perform this procedure to add one or more clusters to an existing site. You can add a global cluster or a zone cluster. For procedures to create a site, see How to Create a Site in Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.3 Geographic Edition Installation and Configuration Guide.

Note -  You can also use the Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager browser interface to perform this task. Click Sites, click the site name to go to its page, and in the Clusters section click Add. For Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager log-in instructions, see How to Access Oracle Solaris Cluster Manager in Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.3 System Administration Guide.

Before You Begin

If you use a role with Geo Management rights, ensure that the /var/cluster/geo access control lists (ACLs) are correct on each node of both partner clusters. If necessary, assume the root role on the cluster node and set the correct ACLs.

# chmod A+user:username:rwx:allow /var/cluster/geo

The /var/cluster/geo directory must have the correct ACL applied for compatibility between the Geo Management rights profile and data replication software.

For more information, see Securing Geographic Edition Software in Oracle Solaris Cluster 4.3 Geographic Edition Installation and Configuration Guide.

  1. From a node of a site controller cluster, assume the root role or assume a role that is assigned the Geo Management rights profile.
  2. Ensure that all nodes of the site controller cluster are online.
    phys-schost-1# cluster status -t node
    === Cluster Nodes ===
    --- Node Status ---
    Node Name                                       Status
    ---------                                       ------
    phys-schost-2                                   Online
    phys-schost-1                                   Online

    If any node is offline, wait until the node is brought back up before you issue the site invitation. The addition of a new cluster to a site will fail if any node in the issuing cluster is not online.

  3. Invite the cluster to join the site as either a controller or a member.
    site-controller# geosite add-member {-c | -m} cluster site

    Specifies the site controller role.


    Specifies the site member role.


    The name of the cluster to add to the site. To add multiple clusters, separate the cluster names with a comma (,). You can use both the –c and –m options in the same geosite add-member command.


    The name of the site that you are adding the cluster to.

  4. Verify the invitation.

    Command output is similar to the following example, where the new cluster is added as a site controller.

    site-controller## geosite status
       Site : site
        Controller "issuing-cluster"
        Configuration               : OK
        Controller "added-cluster"
        Configuration               : OK
        Synchronization             : Unknown


If the geosite add-member command fails with a timeout, update the site's Timeout value to a larger number and retry the command.

Next Steps

To complete the addition of the cluster to the site, the invited cluster must join the site. Go to How to Accept an Invitation to Join a Site.