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Oracle® SuperCluster M8 and SuperCluster M7 Security Guide

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Updated: January 2019

Security Configuration Restrictions

The host_access_control utility is the only permitted and supported method to implement security configuration changes on the storage servers. You are not permitted to make manual changes to the configuration of these devices per Oracle Support notice 1068804.1. Further, before using this tool, you must first obtain explicit approval from Oracle SuperCluster Support to change the security configuration of their storage servers. To request this approval, open a service request with Oracle Support.

The host_access_control command, available as of Exadata software version, is used to implement a limited set of access and security configuration settings:

  • Restricting remote root access.

  • Restricting network access to certain accounts.

  • Implementing password aging and complexity policies.

  • Implementing login warning banner

  • Defining account lockout and session timeout policies.