Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.3 Administration Guide

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Updated: October 2015

FIPS 140-2 Mode for Domain Migration


You can configure your Logical Domains Manager to perform domain migrations that use the Oracle Solaris FIPS 140-2 certified OpenSSL libraries. When the Logical Domains Manager is in FIPS 140-2 mode, you can use it only to migrate domains to another system that has the Logical Domains Manager running in FIPS 140-2 mode. Attempts to migrate to a non-FIPS system are rejected. If the Logical Domains Manager is not in FIPS 140-2 mode, it cannot migrate to a Logical Domains Manager that is in FIPS 140-2 mode.

To successfully start the Logical Domains Manager in FIPS 140-2 mode, you must enable the FIPS mediator. For step-by-step instructions, see How to Run Logical Domains Manager in FIPS 140-2 Mode.

For more information and showing how to use the FIPS 140-capable OpenSSL implementation, see How to Switch to the FIPS 140-Capable OpenSSL Implementation in Managing Encryption and Certificates in Oracle Solaris 11.3 and Example of Enabling Two Applications in FIPS 140 Mode on an Oracle Solaris System in Oracle SuperCluster M7-8 Owner’s Guide: Overview .