Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.3 Administration Guide

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Updated: October 2015

Managing Virtual Disks

This section describes adding a virtual disk to a guest domain, changing virtual disk and timeout options, and removing a virtual disk from a guest domain. See Virtual Disk Back End Options for a description of virtual disk options. See Virtual Disk Timeout for a description of the virtual disk timeout.

A virtual disk back end can be exported multiple times either through the same or different virtual disk servers. Each exported instance of the virtual disk back end can then be assigned to either the same or different guest domains.

When a virtual disk back end is exported multiple times, it should not be exported with the exclusive (excl) option. Specifying the excl option will only allow exporting the back end once. The back end can be safely exported multiple times as a read-only device with the ro option.

Assigning a virtual disk device to a domain creates an implicit dependency on the domain providing the virtual disk service. You can view these dependencies or view domains that depend on the virtual disk service by using the ldm list-dependencies command. See Listing Domain I/O Dependencies.