Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.3 Administration Guide

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Updated: October 2015

How to Start a Domain

This procedure describes how to start an existing bound domain. If a domain with the specified domain name does not exist or is not already bound, this operation fails.

  1. Verify that the domain-name domain exists and is bound.
    # ldm list domain-name
  2. Identify domain-name in ldomTable.
    # snmpwalk -v1 -c public localhost SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomTable
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomName.1 = STRING: primary
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomName.2 = STRING: LdomMibTest_1
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomAdminState.1 = INTEGER: 0
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomAdminState.2 = INTEGER: 0
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomOperState.1 = INTEGER: active(1)
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomOperState.2 = INTEGER: bound(6)
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomNumVCpu.1 = INTEGER: 8
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomNumVCpu.2 = INTEGER: 4
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomMemSize.1 = INTEGER: 3360
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomMemSize.2 = INTEGER: 256
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomMemUnit.1 = INTEGER: megabytes(2)
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomMemUnit.2 = INTEGER: megabytes(2)
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomNumCrypto.1 = INTEGER: 1
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomNumCrypto.2 = INTEGER: 0
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomNumIOBus.1 = INTEGER: 2
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomNumIOBus.2 = INTEGER: 0
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomUUID.1 = STRING: 5f8817d4-5d2e-6f7d-c4af-91b5b34b5723
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomUUID.2 = STRING: 11284146-87ca-4877-8d80-cd0f60d5ec26
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomMacAddress.1 = STRING: 00:14:4f:46:47:d6
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomMacAddress.2 = STRING: 00:14:4f:f8:d5:6c
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomHostID.1 = STRING: 0x844647d6
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomHostID.2 = STRING: 0x84f8d56c
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomFailurePolicy.1 = STRING: ignore
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomFailurePolicy.2 = STRING: ignore
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomMaster.1 = STRING:
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomMaster.2 = STRING:
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomExtMapinSpace.1 = STRING: off
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomExtMapinSpace.2 = STRING: off
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomWholeCore.1 = INTEGER: 0
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomWholeCore.2 = INTEGER: 0
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomCpuArch.1 = STRING: native
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomCpuArch.2 = STRING: native
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomShutdownGroup.1 = INTEGER: 0
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomShutdownGroup.2 = INTEGER: 15
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomPerfCounters.1 = STRING: htstrand
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomPerfCounters.2 = STRING: global,htstrand
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomNumCMI.1 = INTEGER: 0
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomNumCMI.2 = INTEGER: 0
  3. Start the domain-name domain.

    Use the snmpset command to start the domain by setting a value of 1 to the ldomAdminState property. n specifies the domain to start.

    # snmpset -v version -c community-string hostname \
    SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomTable.1.ldomAdminState.n = 1
  4. Verify that the domain-name domain is active by using one of the following commands:
    • # ldm list domain-name
    • # snmpget -v version -c community-string hostname SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomOperState.n
Example 90  Starting a Guest Domain

This example verifies that the LdomMibTest_1 domain exists and is bound before setting the ldomAdminState property to 1. Finally, the ldm list LdomMibTest_1 command verifies that the LdomMibTest_1 domain is active.

# ldm list LdomMibTest_1
# snmpset -v1 -c private localhost SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomTable.1.ldomAdminState.2 = 1
# ldm list LdomMibTest_1

You can also use the snmpget command to retrieve the LdomMibTest_1 domain's state instead of using the ldm list command.

# snmpget -v1 -c public localhost SUN-LDOM-MIB::ldomOperState.2

Note that if the domain is inactive when you use snmpset to start the domain, the domain is first bound and then started.