Oracle® VM Server for SPARC 3.3 Administration Guide

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Updated: October 2015


<LDM_event> messagesindex icon<LDM_event> Messages
actions, Logical Domains Managerindex iconLogical Domains Manager Actions
command responseindex iconCommand Response
domain migrationindex iconDomain Migration
Logical Domains Manager resources and propertiesindex iconLogical Domains Manager Resources and Properties
object responseindex iconObject Response
overall responseindex iconOverall Response
request and response messagesindex iconRequest and Response Messages
request messagesindex iconRequest Messages
response messagesindex iconResponse Messages
schemasindex iconXML Schemas
XML events
allindex iconAll Events
domainindex iconDomain Events
hardwareindex iconHardware Events
messagesindex iconEvent Messages
progressindex iconProgress Events
registration and unregistrationindex iconRegistration and Unregistration
resourceindex iconResource Events
typesindex iconEvent Types
XML protocolindex iconXML Protocol
XML resources
consoleindex iconConsole (console) Resource
cpuindex iconCPU (cpu) Resource
diskindex iconDisk (disk) Resource
ldom_infoindex iconDomain Information (ldom_info) Resource
mauindex iconMAU (mau) Resource
memoryindex iconMemory (memory) Resource
networkindex iconNetwork (network) Resource
physio_deviceindex iconPhysical I/O Device (physio_device) Resource
policyindex iconDRM Policy Configuration (policy) Resource
spconfigindex iconSP Configuration (spconfig) Resource
varindex iconVariable (var) Resource
vccindex iconVirtual Console Concentrator (vcc) Resource
vdpccindex iconVirtual Data Plane Channel Client (vdpcc) Resource
vdpcsindex iconVirtual Data Plane Channel Service (vdpcs) Resource
vdsindex iconVirtual Disk Server (vds) Resource
vds_volumeindex iconVirtual Disk Server Volume (vds_volume) Resource
vswindex iconVirtual Switch (vsw) Resource
XML schemasindex iconXML Schemas
Logical Domains Manager used withindex iconUsing the XML Interface With the Logical Domains Manager
XML tags
<cmd>index iconThe <cmd> Tag
<data>index iconThe <data> Tag
<LDM_interface>index icon<LDM_interface> Tag
XML transport framesindex iconXML Transport
XML-based control interface
Oracle VM Server for SPARC MIB
index iconParsing the XML-Based Control Interface
index iconParsing the XML-Based Control Interface
local connectionsindex iconLocal Connections
serverindex iconXMPP Server