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Oracle® Server Management Agent for Oracle Solaris 11.3 User's Guide

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Updated: October 2017

Configuring Net-SNMP In Oracle Solaris

The Hardware Management Agent uses SNMP for network communications. For the Hardware Management Agent to be able to use SNMP correctly on host operating systems, you must ensure that SNMP is configured correctly. Incorrect settings can cause the Hardware Management Agent to have limited, or no network connectivity.

In Oracle Solaris operating system, the snmpd.conf file controls network access to the Hardware Management Agent. You can find the snmpd.conf file in the following location:


The following procedures explain how to configure SNMP gets, sets, and traps.

Note -  The following instructions assume you are using an unmodified snmpd.conf file. If you have customized your snmpd.conf file, use these instructions as a guide to make sure your snmpd.conf file is compatible with the Hardware Management Agent.

This section covers the following procedures: