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Oracle® Server Management Agent for Oracle Solaris 11.3 User's Guide

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Updated: October 2017

Oracle Hardware Management Agent Overview

Oracle Hardware Management Pack includes a rich set of command line interface tools and agents that are run from your host operating system to configure and monitor server hardware. For information on operating system and server support for each Oracle Hardware Management Pack component, refer to the support matrix available at http://www.oracle.com/goto/ohmp.

Oracle Hardware Management Pack for Oracle Solaris is an integrated component of the Oracle Solaris 11.3 operating system. Do not download and use other versions of Oracle Hardware Management Pack that are not specifically qualified for the Oracle Solaris 11.3. For information on installing the Hardware Management Agent, see Oracle Hardware Management Pack for Oracle Solaris 11.3 Installation Guide.

If you have Oracle Solaris 11.1 or earlier or other operating systems, continue to use Oracle Hardware Management Pack, available as a separate download from https://support.oracle.com.

Note -  This documentation applies to servers running the Oracle Solaris 11.3 operating system.

This guide includes information on the Oracle Hardware Management Agent:

Introduction to the Oracle Hardware Management Agents
Configure the Hardware Management Agents with SNMP.
Learn about the available SNMP plugin MIBs.
Use the Hardware Management Agent with SNMP plugins to obtain information about your system.
Setup the Oracle ILOM trap proxy.
Learn about disk events and logs for select SAS HBAs.
How to troubleshoot issues with the Hardware Management Agents.