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Oracle® Server Management Agent for Oracle Solaris 11.3 User's Guide

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Updated: October 2017

itpconfig Usage Scenario

The high level steps for enabling SNMP trap forwarding from Oracle ILOM are:

  1. Install the Oracle Hardware Management Agent and SNMP Plugins packages.

    See Oracle Hardware Management Pack for Oracle Solaris 11.3 Installation Guide

    These packages contain all the necessary software for itpconfig.

  2. The Host-to-ILOM Interconnect is required for itpconfig to function (and is enabled by default for Oracle Solaris operating system).

    If the Host-to-ILOM Interconnect is not enabled for your system, you can use itpconfig to enable it, see How to Enable Host-to-ILOM Interconnect.

  3. Enable the ILOM trap proxy.

    See How to Enable Trap Forwarding

    Note - itpconfig uses ILOM Notification Alert Rule 15 to set up the trap forwarding. If this alert rule is in use, itpconfig fails. See itpconfig Troubleshooting for a work around.
  4. Start or restart the SNMP service daemon on the server.

    Refer to your OS documentation.

  5. Ensure that SNMP has been configured in Oracle ILOM so that traps can be generated.

    Refer to your Oracle ILOM documentation (http://www.oracle.com/goto/ilom/docs).

  6. Start a trap listener on the destination server configured to listen to traps from the port and community described in the itpconfig arguments.

    Any faults generated by the service processor should now generate an SNMP trap which are sent to the destination SNMP trap listener.