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Developing Data Services

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Updated: August 2018

How to Use the Command-Line Version of Agent Builder

The command-line version of Agent Builder follows the same basic process as the GUI. However, instead of typing information in the GUI, you pass arguments to the scdscreate and scdsconfig commands. See the scdscreate(8HA) and scdsconfig(8HA) man pages for more information.

Follow these steps to use the command-line version of Agent Builder.

  1. Use scdscreate to create an Oracle Solaris Cluster resource type template for making an application highly available or scalable.
  2. Use scdsconfig to configure the resource type template that you created with scdscreate.

    You can specify property variables. Property variables are described in Using Property Variables.

  3. Change directories to the pkg subdirectory in the working directory.
  4. (Optional)Edit the generated source code.
  5. On each node, use the pkgadd command to install the packages that you created with scdscreate.
    # pkgadd -d . package-name

    Note -  This instruction applies to the SVR4 package that Agent Builder creates. If you need an IPS version of the package, use the pkgsend command to convert your SVR4 agent package to an IPS package, and use the pkg install command to install the IPS package. For more information, see the pkgsend(1) and pkg(1) man pages.
  6. Run the start script.