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Updated: August 2018

ORCL.xfnts RTR File

This section describes several key properties in the ORCL.xfnts RTR file. It does not describe the purpose of each property in the file. For such a description, see Setting Resource and Resource Type Properties.

The Confdir_list extension property identifies the configuration directory (or a list of directories), as follows:

PROPERTY = Confdir_list;
DESCRIPTION = "The Configuration Directory Path(s)";

The Confdir_list property does not specify a default value. The cluster administrator must specify a directory name when the resource is created. This value cannot be changed later because tunability is limited to AT_CREATION.

The Port_list property identifies the port on which the application listens, as follows:

PROPERTY = Port_list;
DEFAULT = 7100/tcp;

Because the property declares a default value, the cluster administrator can specify a new value or accept the default value when the resource is created. No one can change this value later because tunability is limited to AT_CREATION.