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Developing Data Services

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Updated: August 2018

Navigating Agent Builder

    You enter information on the Create and Configure screens by performing the following operations:

  • Typing information in a field

  • Browsing your directory structure and selecting a file or directory

  • Selecting one of a set of mutually exclusive radio buttons, for example, selecting Scalable or Failover

  • Selecting the Network Aware check box to identify the base application as network aware, or leaving this box empty to identify a non-network-aware application

The buttons at the bottom of each screen enable you to complete the task, move to the next or previous screen, or exit Agent Builder. Agent Builder emphasizes or grays out these buttons, as necessary.

For example, when you have filled in the fields and selected the preferred options on the Create screen, click Create at the bottom of the screen. Previous and Next are grayed out because no previous screen exists and you cannot go to the next step before you complete this step.

image:Panel at bottom of screen shows the Create, Previous, Next, and Cancel commands

Agent Builder displays progress messages in the Output Log area at the bottom of the screen. When Agent Builder finishes, it displays a success message or a warning message. Next is highlighted, or if this is the last screen, only Cancel is highlighted.

You can click Cancel at any time to exit Agent Builder.

Browse Command

Some Agent Builder fields enable you to type information in them. Other fields enable you to click Browse to browse a directory structure and select a file or a directory.

When you click Browse, a screen appears that lists the files and directory folders.

Double-click a folder to open it. When you move the cursor to a file, the file's name appears in the File Name field. Click Select when you have located and moved the cursor to the file that you want.

Note - If you are browsing for a directory, move the cursor to the directory that you want and click Open. If the directory contains no subdirectories, Agent Builder closes the browse window and places the name of the directory to which you moved the cursor in the appropriate field. If this directory has subdirectories, click Close to close the browse window and redisplay the previous screen. Agent Builder places the name of the directory to which you moved the cursor in the appropriate field.

The icons in the upper right corner of the Browse screen do the following:

image:Icon shows the up arrow
This icon moves you up one level in the directory tree.
image:Icon shows home
This icon returns you to the home folder.
image:Icon shows a new folder
This icon creates a new folder under the currently selected folder.
image:Icon that you use to change views
This icon, for toggling between different views, is reserved for future use.

Agent Builder Menus

Agent Builder provides File and Edit drop-down menus.

Agent Builder File Menu

    The File menu contains two options:

  • Load Resource Type. Loads an existing resource type. Agent Builder provides a browse screen from which you select the working directory for an existing resource type. If a resource type exists in the directory from which you start Agent Builder, Agent Builder automatically loads the resource type. Load Resource Type enables you to start Agent Builder from any directory and select an existing resource type to use as a template for creating a new resource type. See Reusing Code That You Create With Agent Builder.

  • Exit. Exits Agent Builder. You can also exit by clicking Cancel on the Create or the Configure screen.

Agent Builder Edit Menu

    The Edit menu contains two options:

  • Clear Output Log. Clears the information from the output log. Each time you select Create or Configure, Agent Builder appends status messages to the output log. If you are iteratively making changes to your source code and regenerating output in Agent Builder and want to segregate the status messages, you can save and clear the log file before each use.

  • Save Log File. Saves the log output to a file. Agent Builder provides a browse screen that enables you to select the directory and specify a file name.