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Developing Data Services

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Updated: August 2018

General-Purpose Functions

The functions in this section provide a broad range of functionality.

    These functions enable you to perform the following operations:

  • Initialize the DSDL environment

  • Retrieve resource type, resource, and resource group names, and extension property values

  • Fail over and restart a resource group, and restart a resource

  • Convert error strings to error messages

  • Execute a command under a timeout

Initialization Functions

    The following functions initialize the calling method:

  • scds_initialize(3HA) – Allocates resources and initializes the DSDL environment.

  • scds_close(3HA) – Frees resources that are allocated by scds_initialize().

Retrieval Functions

The following function retrieves status information about the SUNW.HAStoragePlus resources that are used by a resource:

scds_hasp_check(3HA) – Retrieves status information about SUNW.HAStoragePlus resources that are used by a resource. This information is obtained from the state (online or otherwise) of all SUNW.HAStoragePlus resources on which the resource depends by using the Resource_dependencies or Resource_dependencies_weak standard properties that are defined for the resource. See the SUNW.HAStoragePlus(7) man page for more information.

Failover and Restart Functions

Execution Functions

    The following functions execute a command under a timeout and convert an error code to an error message:

  • scds_timerun(3HA) – Executes a command under a timeout value.

  • scds_error_string(3HA) – Translates an error code to an error string. Strings that are returned by scds_error_string() are displayed in English. Strings that are returned by scds_error_string_i18n() are displayed in the native language that is specified by the LC_MESSAGES locale category.

  • scds_svc_wait(3HA) - Waits for the specified timeout period for a monitored process to die.