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Developing Data Services

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Updated: August 2018

Setting Up the Development Environment for Writing a Data Service

Before you begin to develop your data service, you must install the Oracle Solaris Cluster development IPS package (ha-cluster/developer/api) to have access to the Oracle Solaris Cluster header and library files. Although this package is already installed on all cluster nodes, you typically develop your data service on a separate, noncluster development machine, rather than on a cluster node. In this typical case, you must use the pkg install command to install the ha-cluster/developer/api IPS package on your development machine.

When compiling and linking your code, you must set particular options to identify the header and library files.

Note - You cannot mix compatibility-mode compiled C++ code and standard-mode compiled C++ code in the Oracle Solaris Operating System and Oracle Solaris Cluster products. Consequently, if you intend to create a C++ based data service for use on Oracle Solaris Cluster software, you must use the standard mode to compile that data service.

When you have finished development (on a noncluster node), you can transfer the completed data service to a cluster for testing.

    The procedures in this section describe how to complete the following tasks:

  • Install the Oracle Solaris Cluster development IPS package (ha-cluster/developer/api) and set the correct compiler and linker options.

  • Transfer the data service to a cluster.