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Developing Data Services

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Updated: August 2018

Overview of Modifying a Resource Type

    Cluster administrators must be able to carry out the following tasks:

  • Install and register a new version of an existing resource type

  • Allow the registration of multiple versions of a given resource type

  • Upgrade an existing resource to a new version of the resource type without having to delete and recreate the resource

A resource type that you intend to upgrade is called an upgrade-aware resource type.

    Elements of an existing resource type that you might change are as follows:

  • Attributes of resource type properties

  • The set of declared resource properties, including standard and extension properties

  • Attributes of resource properties, such as default, min, max, arraymin, arraymax, or tunability

  • The set of declared methods

  • The implementation of methods or monitors

Note - You do not necessarily have to modify a resource type when you modify application code.

You need to understand the requirements for providing the tools that will enable a cluster administrator to upgrade a resource type. This chapter tells you what you need to know to set up these tools.