3.2 Data Center Configuration

Location: part 1, page 1, Data Center Configuration pane

The Data Center Configuration pane provides guidelines to optimize the installation site for the Oracle PCA.


  1. Oracle recommends using raised flooring, able to support the total weight of the system including power distribution units (PDUs): 1005 kg, or 2215 lbs).

  2. Temperature, humidity and altitude.

    A 3-column table displays the temperature, relative humidity and altitude requirements for the Oracle PCA. The first column applies to the system in operating condition. The second column applies to the system in non-operating condition. The third column lists the optimum conditions.

  3. Provide adequate ventilation and cooling.

    • Make sure that the capacity of the air conditioning equipment is sufficient for the new system hardware.

    • Respect the maintenance clearance at the front and back of the system for optimum airflow. The air intake is at the front, and the air outlet is at the back.

    • Install perforated floor tiles (approximately 400 CFM/tile) in front of the rack for cold air intake. Use four tiles for a fully populated rack, three tiles for 8-16 compute nodes, or one tile for 8 or fewer compute nodes.

    • Cover empty rack units with filler panels to avoid adverse effects on airflow and cooling.

    An image illustrates the optimum airflow, with cool air flowing up through perforated floor tiles in front of the rack, and traveling through the rack from front to back in order to cool the system.