3.4 Network Requirements

Location: part 1, page 1, Network Requirements pane

The Network Requirements pane provides information to prepare the data center network for the integration of the Oracle PCA.


All internal rack connections are pre-cabled, including non-populated rack units. Cabling should not be modified in any way.


  1. Four ports (2x2) on redundant next-layer switches in the data center must be reserved to connect the 10GbE public network ports of the IO Director switches.

  2. A terminal or workstation with a web browser must be connected to the management network.

  3. Three IP addresses in the public network must be reserved for management node configuration.

  4. The following network configuration details are required.

    A table describes the network configuration properties required during the initialization of the Oracle PCA. An empty column provides space for the administrator to write down the network-specific entries.