6.1 Connect the Appliance to the Power Source

Location: part 2, page 3, pane 6

Pane 6 describes how to properly supply power to the Oracle PCA.


  1. Review the safety guidelines. Refer to the section "Review Safety Guidelines" in the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Installation Guide.

  2. Visually inspect the appliance.

    • Check the rack for damage and loose or missing screws.

    • Check that cables are securely connected.

    • Verify that power cables with appropriate connectors for your power source have been supplied.

    • Check the floor tile arrangement for cable access and airflow.

    • Check the airflow that leads in to the front of the system. (See Verify Installation Requirements.)

  3. Connect the power cords.

    • Open the rear door.

    • Remove the cable ties from the power cords.

    • Route the power cords to the facility receptacles either above the rack or below the flooring.

      An image illustrates both cabling options. It shows a rack with power cables routed through the top, and a rack with power cables routed through the data center floor. A detail bubble in the center shows how power cords are secured in bundles.

    • Secure the power cords in bundles.

    • Plug the power distribution unit (PDU) power cords into the facility receptacles.