Chapter 2 Appliance Components

Location: part 1, page 1, overview image

The top-left area of the first page contains an image of a fully populated Oracle PCA base rack. Call-outs identify the different types of Appliance components:

  • A ZFS Storage Appliance populates the bottom rack units.

  • Two Management Nodes are installed just above, in rack units 5 and 6. The Master Management Node is in rack unit 5.

  • All connectivity components are installed centrally in the Appliance rack: two F1-15 Director Switches with two NM2-36P InfiniBand Switches in between, and a pair of ES1-24 Ethernet Switches in the middle.

  • All remaining rack units are intended for Compute Nodes. There are 8 rack units between the Management Nodes and the bottom F1-15 Director Switch, and 17 rack units above the top F1-15 Director Switch. A base rack configuration contains at least 2 and up to 25 Compute Nodes. The rack units must be populated with Compute Nodes from the bottom up.