6.3 Power On the Appliance

Location: part 2, page 3, pane 8

Pane 8 provides instructions to apply power to the Oracle PCA.


  1. Switch on all PDU circuit breakers located on the rear of the main PDU inside the rack. The circuit breakers are on the rear of the system cabinet.

    An image identifies the locations of the PDU circuit breakers in the rack. Detail bubbles show a circuit breaker in the On (I) and Off (O) position.

  2. Wait approximately 2 minutes to allow PDU power-on configuration to complete.


    Appliance infrastructure components without power switches are powered on together with the PDUs.

  3. Make sure that the circuit breakers on the ZFS Storage Appliance are in the On ("I") position.

    An image shows the circuit breaker on the left power supply of the ZFS Storage Appliance. Note that the circuit breaker on the right power supply must also be switched on.

  4. Press the Power button located on the front of the first management node (in rack unit 5).

    An image shows the full front panel of a management node, and a close-up of the left side where the controls are situated. Call-outs identify the Power button and the Power/OK LED.

  5. Wait approximately 5 minutes to allow the management system to power on completely. When complete, the Power/OK LED illuminates and remains a steady green.

  6. On the workstation, browse to the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Dashboard at:

    The page loads as soon as the web server on the management node is running. It has a built-in 20 second refresh interval.

    The first management node automatically powers on additional components and starts the provisioning of the compute nodes. Once the system has discovered and provisioned at least one compute node, the web interface becomes available. As compute nodes are provisioned, their status changes to green, indicating that they are ready.


    The provisioning of a full base rack takes up to three hours, starting from the moment when the first management node is powered on.