7.2 Configure System Parameters

Location: part 2, page 4, pane 10

Pane 10 provides instructions for a basic initial system configuration.


  1. Using the Dashboard, configure the system environment parameters, including: domain name, netmask, default gateway, NTP and DNS servers in your data center.

  2. Go to the Network Setup tab and replace the default configuration with the required settings for your data center.

    A screenshot of the Dashboard shows the Network Setup tab. The administrator must enter the information collected in the Network Requirements section on page one of the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Quick Start Poster.

    • Enter the reserved IP address and a host name for each management node.

    • Enter the VLAN ID of your management network, or select "No VLAN".

    • Enter the reserved virtual IP address for the management node cluster. It ensures that you always connect to the management node with the master role.

    • Enter the data center parameters in the remaining fields.

  3. Enter the current appliance password and click OK. During network reconfiguration, connectivity is lost temporarily.

  4. Reconnect to the Oracle PCA Dashboard at the new virtual IP address of the management node cluster: https://<virtual_ip>:7002/dashboard.

  5. If an update is available for the factory-installed appliance software, you may download the package from My Oracle Support (https://support.oracle.com). Refer to the section "Update" in the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Administrator's Guide.

  6. Complete the configuration process. For security reasons, always replace default passwords. For detailed instructions, refer to the Oracle Private Cloud Appliance Administrator's Guide.