D.4 Access Route Checklist

Complete the following checklist to ensure that the access route requirements are met. For information about preparing your data center access route, see Section 4.2, “Prepare to Install Oracle Private Cloud Appliance”.

Table D.4 Access Route Checklist 

Access Route Considerations





Has the access route been checked for clearances of the packaged equipment?

Do all the doors and entry ways conform to the width and height requirements for transportation, including the width of the unpacked unit?

Do all the doors meet the height requirement of minimum 218 cm (86 inches) for packaged delivery?

Does the access route provide sufficient space for transport of the packed devices?

Are there any ramps or thresholds that are of concern? If yes, then provide details.

Are there any stairs or ramps in the path when moving the new hardware?

Have you confirmed that all route incline angles are within the permitted range?

Have you confirmed that the access route is free of any obstacles that would expose the device to shock?

Are all the surfaces acceptable for rolling the new unpacked and packed equipment?

If a pallet jack is to be used, then have you confirmed the following:

  • The pallet jack supports the device weight?

  • The pallet jack tines are compatible with the shipping pallet?

If there are stairs, then is a loading elevator accessible for the equipment?

If an elevator is to be used, then have you confirmed the following:

  • The elevator car is wide enough for the device to be carried into it?

  • The elevator car is high enough for the device to be carried into it?

  • The load limit of the elevator is greater than the device weight?

  • Are elevators available to handle up to 996 kg (2197 lbs) fully-loaded rack capacity?

  • The elevator door meets the minimum height requirement of 218 cm (86 inches) for packaged rack delivery?

Does the path from the receiving location to the designated data center area support the weight of the unpacked equipment?

Is the path onto the raised floor rated for dynamic loading of the server? Refer to Section 2.2, “Flooring Requirements”.