2.1 Space Requirements

Oracle PCA racks have the following space requirements:

  • Height: 42U - 2000 mm (78.74 inches)

  • Width: 600 mm with side panels (23.62 inches)

  • Depth (front door handle to rear door handle): 1197 mm (47.12 inches)

  • Depth (doors removed): 1112 mm (43.78 inches)

  • Weight (base rack, fully populated): 1000 kg (2204 lbs)

The minimum ceiling height for the cabinet is 2914 mm (114.72 inches), measured from the true floor or raised floor, whichever is higher. This includes an additional 914 mm (36 inches) of space required above the rack height for maintenance access. The space surrounding the cabinet must not restrict the movement of cool air between the air conditioner and the front of the systems within the cabinet, or the movement of hot air coming out of the rear of the cabinet.

2.1.1 Receiving and Unpacking Requirements

Before your Oracle PCA arrives, ensure that the receiving area is large enough for the package. The following are the package dimensions and weights for an Oracle PCA system:

  • Shipping height: 2159 mm (85 inches)

  • Shipping width: 1219 mm (48 inches)

  • Shipping depth: 1575 mm (62 inches)

  • Shipping weight (base rack, fully populated): 1118 kg (2465 lbs)

If your loading dock meets the height and ramp requirements for a standard freight carrier truck, then you can use a pallet jack to unload the rack. If the loading dock does not meet the requirements, then you must provide a standard forklift or other means to unload the rack. You can also request that the rack be shipped in a truck with a lift gate.

When your Oracle PCA arrives, leave the rack in its shipping packaging until it arrives at its installation site. Use a conditioned space to remove the packaging material to reduce particles before entering the data center. The entire access route to the installation site should be free of raised-pattern flooring that can cause vibration.

Allow enough space for unpacking the system from its shipping cartons. Ensure that there is enough clearance and clear pathways for moving the Oracle PCA from the unpacking location to the installation location. Table 2.1 lists the access route requirements for the Oracle PCA.

Table 2.1 Access Route Requirements

Access Route Item

With Shipping Pallet

Without Shipping Pallet

Minimum door height

2184 mm (86 inches)

2000 mm (78.74 inches)

Minimum door width

1220 mm (48 inches)

600 mm (23.62 inches)

Minimum elevator depth

1575 mm (62 inches)

1058.2 mm (41.66 inches)

Maximum incline

6 degrees

6 degrees

Maximum elevator, pallet jack, and floor loading capacity

1145 kg (2520 lbs)

1145 kg (2520 lbs)

2.1.2 Maintenance Access Requirements

The maintenance area must be large enough for Oracle PCA, and have the required access space. For example, the required space to remove the side panels is 675.64 mm (26.6 inches). Table 2.2 lists the maintenance access requirements for the Oracle PCA.

Table 2.2 Maintenance Access Requirements


Maintenance Access Requirement

Rear maintenance

914 mm (36 inches)

Front maintenance

1232 mm (48.5 inches)

Top maintenance

914 mm (36 inches)